A Dog Shower

For the person who has everything, including dogs! How about an indoor/outdoor shower to wash the bush and the beach off those pooches before they come inside your beautiful clean home?tile design, dog shower, specialty shower design


These clients live at the edge of a large reserve, and have two large flat coat retrievers. The owner takes the dogs for a run daily, either in the bush or off to the beach. Everyone comes back covered in mud and sand. The solution was to convert the former laundry into this clever and useful specialty shower. One wall of this room is shared with the garage, so a door was placed there. Then the whole room, including floor and ceiling, was covered in durable and easy to clean ceramic tile. The other door, the one shown in the photo, opens into the house.tile design, speciality bathroom design, dog shower

The custom built bench lifts out of the way so that there is plenty of room for washing, dogs and yourself if needed, when coming in through the garage door from outside. When the bench is dropped back down, this creates an area for drying off before entering the house.

And with all of these amenities, who says it’s only for the dogs?!