Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Design Services

Every home renovation and new home project begins with determining the design – whatever the size or scope of the project, this is the most important part of the process.

At Templer Interiors, we always design for you – your living space and your taste. Through our design meetings, we will assess your home plans, your functional requirements and your personal style preferences. After listening closely to your answers, we will design a space that is uniquely your own, that is tailored to you, and that fits comfortably into your lifestyle. If we don’t get it 100 percent right for you the first time, we work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied. Susan Templer says,There is always more than one solution and I like to give clients some options so we can find the best solution for your life and your home.”

We will provide detailed drawings of your finished designs, including any technical drawings that may be required. These final drawings are suitable for bids, building consents, installation and product selection. Our design services encompass every aspect of your project, and provide everything you need to complete your home renovation or new home.


  • An interior designer works with you to you create a stylish and unique look for your home
  • An interior designer can help you make the right product choices, insuring the best value and durability of all materials
  • Interior designers have access to a wider range of product choices and will suggest options that you have may not be aware of or have not considered
  • The right interior designer will provide detailed drawings and guide you through your home renovation project


  • We design for you! We work with you to determine your personal style, whatever your space requirements
  • With our international background we have experience with a wide range of products and design choices to offer you a look that is truly unique
  • As an independent interior design company, we help you make product choices that best fit your life and your home
  • We make sure your home renovation or new build project runs smoothly and on schedule, while you sit back and enjoy the results!


Please feel free to call or email us, to discuss your design dreams.