Choosing Kitchen and Bath Designers

At Templer Interiors, we are not tied to any style and will not force our own taste on you. As interior designers, who specialise in kitchen design and bathroom design, we can help you make the many decisions required in a home renovation or new build project. We will guide you in determining the look and feel that you are comfortable with and that will best fit with the style of your home. And with our international background, we have the experience to offer you a look that is truly unique. Susan Templer says, “As a designer, I don’t have any favourites. Everyone has their own personal taste and I help my clients discover their favourites and then make sure those choices work in well with their design.”

As well as guiding you in your style preferences, our experienced kitchen and bathroom designers offer detailed product knowledge, industry contacts and project coordination services. This expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes. You will get help in weighing the relative merits of different products and ensure that the choices you make offer the best value and durability.

With our full range of services, including design, product selection and sales, and project coordination, we will be available to assist you through to completion of your project.

From start to finish, we were absolutely amazed at Susan’s professionalism and knowledge. She was so easy to work with. She listened to both of us, and more importantly, kept us focused. Talk to her. Be honest. Hire her. You will not be disappointed. 

- Pat Frasca, San Francisco


Please feel free to call or email us, to discuss your design dreams.