Bathroom Design Auckland

At Templer Interiors Auckland, we love a perfect bathroom. This can be a luxurious spa-like retreat, or a bijou gem with just barely enough space for the necessaries. But regardless of style and size, a bathroom must function perfectly. It needs a sink that doesn’t splash, a shower that has a purpose-built space for the soap and shampoo, and it needs to be easy to keep clean. But we believe that your bathroom should also be as beautiful and inviting as the rest of your home.

Susan Templer has 16 years’ experience designing bathrooms, including 12 years in San Francisco. “The smallest full bathroom I designed for a client who was mad for Renaissance Italian style. Tucked under the stairs of a grand old Victorian, it had red Venetian Plaster walls and a marble tile “picture” inset into the wall to look like a discovered frescoe”. And the largest and most luxurious bathroom? “That has an extra large shower and tub, loads of storage, double everything and a very unique tile design in four different colours and eight different sizes of glass tile”. That leaves the most interesting: “That would have to be the dog shower!”

Auckland Bathroom Design Showcase

One of the many things that I really love about working with Susan is that I can provide a general idea on what I have in mind, and she will provide me great options to choose from. It was invaluable to have assistance with the leg work for this project!

- Lisa Marshall, Auckland


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