A Pair of Unique Bathrooms

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Project Description

These two bathrooms out of four in a large home are each unique in their own way. The first of these is an ensuite in the guest room. Since the bathroom is small, I compensated with dramatic style. Floor to ceiling mosaic tile, which is dark and richly hued, is used alone and without embellishment. When paired with a dark, luxurious paint colour that envelopes the room, the room takes on a warm and welcoming feel. An inset of bamboo flooring offsets the glass tile and helps to soften the room, as do the bamboo shelves in two even sets of alcoves for storage without the clutter.

The second bathroom, located near a pair of home offices, had to be functional but also serve as a private retreat. The light colour of the tile feels fresh and clean, the steam shower has a seat for relaxation, while floated shelves and strategically placed alcoves lend this small bathroom a feeling of space and luxury.