Kitchen Design Auckland

Susan Templer, of Templer Interiors, designs unique and personalised kitchens for her clients. She loves both cooking and good organisation, and is enthusiastic about having a properly laid-out kitchen.

A new kitchen is one of the most expensive renovation projects a homeowner will undertake. Susan believes that if you are going to that expense, you should have everything just where you want it. “In design meetings, I ask my clients the questions that will give me all of the important details for designing a great cooking space.This includes not only the list of appliances and construction details, but also specifics such as my client’s preferred location for things like spices and cooking utensils. I make sure there is adequate work space and that the trash bins are nearby. I will even do an inventory with my client to assure that the type and size of cabinets will suit for items to be stored”.

While function is very important, Susan is also passionate about the finished look, “I like colour and detail and unique features. My clients are looking for something special in their new kitchen and I try to create that, while staying within my brief. And I always design for my client! I have worked with lots of people whose personal taste was different from mine, so I try to guide them towards what will work with what they like. I don’t believe that there is always only one answer or one better way”.


With Susan’s guidance and excellent communication, we felt assured that we would achieve our desired outcome within our budget. Susan’s ability to listen carefully to our requirements and combined with her strong attention to detail, managed to create our dream kitchen and bathroom/ensuite. We would strongly recommend Susan for any project small or large.

- Mirelle Simas and Marc Becker, Auckland


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