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Goodbye to White Kitchens?

A Resene article in the October 2017 issue of Food Magazine highlights the move away from white in kitchen cabinetry (it is a slow move, but it is getting there). Most homeowners still prefer to stay with neutrals for painted cabinets, which is a good choice. Pops of colour can always be added with accessories or, more permanently, in the splash back. You can read the article here and see the full project here

A Favourite Bathroom Design in the Press

This project has been so popular! As a designer, when you do a good design, with great clients who have wonderful taste, it’s nice to have that recognised. This beautiful bathroom has now been published in the Resene Habitat Magazine. Read the full article here.

Kitchen Design in major Design Magazine

It’s always very gratifying to have my work published. Of course, it is great exposure to get my name out to potential clients who have never heard of me. But more than that, it is the satisfaction of industry recognition and accolades. With so many beautiful homes and great designs to choose from, when a major national publication selects one of my projects to publish, that is the best kind of compliment. Especially when they call it a “Modern Masterpiece”! So have a look at the latest – a fantastic project in Ponsonby finished last year is featured in the October 2015 issue of Your Home and Garden! Read it here.




Good Kitchen Design is Universal

Proving that it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, a good kitchen crosses all international borders. As evidence of this, a photo from one of our projects was featured in an article on Houzz Denmark, here.

Templer Interiors designed kitchen is Featured on Houzz

Houzz, the international phenomenon for interior design photos, has featured a kitchen designed by Templer Interiors in one of their regular weekly articles. Writers scour the millions of photos posted on Houzz to find the best ones to illustrate their articles. For this reason, Templer Interiors is honoured, and very excited, to have been selected, for a second time! See the article here:

Templer Interiors Wins Best of Houzz 2015


Over 25 million users in New Zealand and around the world select the best of Home Building, Renovation and Design

 Auckland, March 11, 2015 – Templer Interiors of Auckland, New Zealand has been awarded ‘Best of Houzz 2015’ for Kitchen and Bath Design Services and Customer Satisfaction by, the leading platform for home renovation and design. The “The 18-year old interior design firm” was chosen by the more than 25 million users that make up the Houzz community.  Templer Interiors was selected from among more than 500,000 home professionals worldwide!

The Best of Houzz awards fall under two categories: ‘Design’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction’. Design awards are granted to home professionals whose work was the most popular among the more than 25 million monthly users on Houzz, affectionately known as ‘Houzzers’. Customer Satisfaction honours are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews received by a professional in 2014.

Jason Chuck, Managing Director of Houzz Australia and New Zealand, says: “It’s great to see Templer Interiors recognised as the Best of Houzz from across New Zealand and more than 500,000 businesses worldwide. It’s a genuine tribute to their expertise when the award is judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively building, renovating and decorating their homes.”

“For homeowners, Houzz provides them with everything they need to build, renovate or decorate their homes, connecting them with not only the best home professionals and ideas from New Zealand, but also from around the world.”


Remodeling and Home Design

Local Design Magazines Love Templer Interiors!

This month two major New Zealand national publications are featuring Templer Interiors!

In the February issue of NZ House & Garden there is an article titled “Surface Paradise” which is all about wall and window treatments. Designer Susan Templer was interviewed for this article. Writer Clair McCall says, “How lucky we are to have such an extravaganza of choice when it comes to wall and window treatments. But such abundance often brings indecision in it’s wake: paint or paper ora bit of both; drapes or blinds or a combination of the two? It’s enough to cause a severe case of interior design inertia. Susan Templer of Templer Interiors has pondered such questions for several years and here shares her thoughts and ideas on the subject.”  There follows a page of tips and suggestions from Susan on “Ways with Walls.” On the next page, Claire writes, “Drapes, blinds or shutters? Full-length curtains or puddled on the floor? Susan Templer shares her thoughts on window treatments:” after which follows another page of tips and suggestions from Susan on “Ways with Windows.” We are very proud that our opinions and ideas on these very important aspects of Interior Design have been shared in New Zealand’s premier interior design magazine!

Also on newsstands now, the March issue of Your Home and Garden features our current favourite project in the 4-page article titled, “Then & Now: lisa + matt’s kitchen + bathroom.” Lisa was interviewed for this article, in which she says, “Susan Templer of Templer Interiors helped to bring our vision to life.” And there, in a nutshell, is the reason you want to hire a designer. Like Lisa, you will look at websites and magazines for ideas but a designer can really help make it a reality. As Lisa says in the article,” . . . we shared [our ideas] with our designer Susan Templer. She helped execute our vision.”

Watch for the full articles to be featured on this website soon, along with a couple of others that as they come out in publication. So watch this space!

Templer Interiors in the news

We continue to get good press and recognition for our designs. This week, these photos from another colourful Templer Interiors designed Kitchen and Dining Room are featured in paint company Resene’s weekly newsletter:



J n J stove wall cc_f_c

Read the full article on the Resene website here